Recycled Nurses™

A Movement of Nurses who feel "tossed" around like an empty water bottle, we are done with the "nursing system" – But we still care about people & our communities – We have "RECYCLED" our skills and experience- AND have "fixed" ourselves up nice. We are now ready to "fix" others by reversing 2 trending diseases, evidenced by using reliable biomarkers! Empathy, caring & teaching has come full circle here.

My Love Affair with Hard Manny (manual treadmill folks)

I asked my Fab5, if they have a piece of exercise equipment that they use regularly – You know, that was either garbage for someone else, you got it 10 cents on the dollar or is junk to anybody but you, that you have a love affair with.  Well this is mine.  I call it “Manny” the MANUAL treadmill.  And he’s hard all the time…

Manny was made in the early 1980's and is not like a regular manual treadmill. His tread does not move unless you "dig" deep, like running on sand.









I do 4 intervals with Manny.  I walk the first minute (but it’s hard walking, like manual steering from a parked position), the tread won’t easily move.  I recover for a minute.  Yes, recover.  Remember YOU ARE THE MOTOR, there’s no “switch” to turn on.  When you start, it starts… when you stop, it’s stops… no cool down.

I’ve had clients get on it and say, “O.K. what do I do?”  I say, “Start walking… heel first…”  It takes them a while to get the hang of it.  Sometimes they push so hard, their shoe comes off.  (I have to turn my head because I’m trying not to laugh and they’ll think I’m messing with them and I’m not!)

They have said, “I’ll work with you, if you DON’T make me get on THAT MACHINE!”  That’s when you know it’s a good one (piece of equipment).


Back to my love affair – Then I run like a pit bull is after me for 30 seconds – recover 2 minutes.  My heart rate is off the charts, I don’t even want to look at it until at least a minute into recovery.  I repeat the 30 second sprint- recovery 2 minutes, for 2 more intervals.  Then if I don’t throw up, (precisely why I exercise on a empty stomach, and so should you), I do some TRX moves, some thin thighs in 30 days moves, some hip flexor stretches with a small ball and chest and hamstring stretches and I’m done. 16 minutes.

I have a date every day with Manny except Mondays.  No exercise on Mondays.  A valuable lesson I’ll teach you if you stick with me.


What we want to teach you is to find a piece of equipment (your body will do also), that you can and will utilize and form a “love affair with it”.  Talk dirty to it if necessary.  Whatever it takes to get you in it’s presence and using it.


Every morning, I meet with Manny, I say “I’m only going one round (interval) with you today Manny… you wore me out yesterday.”  Then I end up doing them all.  It’s a love-hate relationship because some mornings I take a sneak a peak at myself in the mirror (you know, you pretend like you’re not looking at yourself) and my midsection is awesome.  And I love Manny.  When I have to run to catch a bus or after Pang Pang (my pug who thinks he can out run a kitty cat) and don’t feel like I’m going to die or lift babies or groceries and can eat more… I LOVE Manny.


At my age, I don’t want to teach 12 exercise classes a week or do endless cardio or body pump, or cross fit.  I just want to “zip my pants” and have enough energy to enjoy my life. And to do that, I’ve figured out that I have to have my love affair with Manny until one of us says good bye.


Leave comments below and share your favorite piece of exercise equipment, even if it’s your own body.  I’d love to know what it is.  Can you develop a love affair with it?  I hope you’ll try…

Welcome to Recycled Nurses! (Fix It Fitness Nurses)

We’re glad you found us.  Are you a nurse who feels like she/he is tossed around like an empty water bottle with all your skills and experience?  Do you still want to help and care for people ‘at-risk’?  That’s what we are working on here…

We want to help you “be done” with the system of nursing, if that’s what you want.  This nurse in the photo below, is it you?  Probably not – this nurse has it good… she’s outside the hospital walls, or wherever you are imprisoned, on what looks like an actual break and is actually listening to what she wants, eating* and drinking… all while sitting.  It’s nice to dream…

Back to reality… we know the only time you have to yourself (break) is on the toilet.  I used to teach toilet exercises… no kidding… for a big nursing company! Please let us help you.  Read “About Us” and you’ll understand better our message and passion to help you.


*Who cares if it’s pizza?  It’s one slice and at least it’s not eating stale lemon meringue pie from a patient’s tray (that wasn’t unwrapped), while getting supplies in the closet.  We’ll talk about the pizza another time.


Recycled nurses are the foundation that is Fix It! Fitness Nurse Consultants™.  We train or “recycle” nurses and help them re-invent themselves and then train them to teach others what they just did for themselves… improve their outlook on life by improving their energy, looks and health… and income!

This blog is still being developed.  For more information please go to

At Fix It! Fitness Nurse Consulting™, we help broken nurses fix themselves so that they can, in turn, fix others who live sedentary, ‘at risk’ lives.  We, in a sense, recycle nurses from their old, miserable used up self to a happy, ready to spread the wealth new self.  Recycled.

I realized that I was wrong about who I could help the most.  Now I know and it looks like it’s only 5 nurses (me included).  My audience is only 5 nurses?  Well, not exactly, of course I’ll talk to other interested nurses… always.  But these nurses are who I am directly speaking to ON A REGULAR BASIS and in turn they will teach other nurses.  They will become my walking billboards… their success is truly my success and it’s a “win-win”.  Oh, the third win… the clients of the newly certified nurses they taught our 2 programs to.  So it’s actually a “win-win-win!”

Let’s talk our client base – what 2 exercise and diet programs you learn and then you will teach – Osteoporosis risk (Buffbones™) and Pre-diabetes (Sleep for Dinner™).  (Not typical government stuff either, be warned) So, that’s it.  Oh, and no children and no veganism.  We have our reasons.  Reasons that will be written about in upcoming blog posts. There are, of course, other demographics and psychographics that will be included in our targeted market.  These choices are not up for discussion.  More than personal feelings went to these areas/market, including but not limited to availability, accessibility, urgency, their decision making, how condition best responds to exercise, disposable income and safety.

(If you’d like to work with other groups, feel free to develop your own Signature Fitness Nursing Program, I’d be happy to assist you with your idea and getting it going by clicking here.  Once there, click on “Start Fitness Nursing”  link to the left and follow the instructions there.)


One of the best feelings we have about our program is that we can be nutritionally politically incorrect (with evidence and rationale, ie: Even when it was popular and pushed down our throats – I never stopped eating the egg yolk… I care too much about my beautiful skin, hair and nails).  And to not follow the “What’s old is new again” hype typical from the vanity fitness industry, is so empowering. (For example, when did squat thrusts become burpees? The older you get the more you notice this – for the simple fact you’ve just lived longer in the industry.  Experience is precious and cannot be replaced by new names of routines and/or exercises.  Same concepts from books I still use from the 70′s and 80′s.)


We realize that vanity is important and fitness pros have to have an edge, be unique; we do some vanity stuff to get attention, but we have other great fun and pleasurable, positive results in store for our clients.  The one thing we know about is disease… don’t be ashamed of it… there’s a lot of sick people out there who can exercise.  And if they can’t do the “CrossFit” or the “Tabata” or the “Body Pump” class (people in the back are just swinging weights by the way; won’t be able to move in 2 days, probably won’t come back) or “finishers”, we’re there to assist them where they are, not where we want them to be.  We’re not going after the 3%; but the 65% who need us most.  Let’s solve a problem then sustain the solution.


I could go on and on.  But I’ll stop here for now.  There’s still work to do on this blog.  I hope you’ll continue to grow with us.  I urge you to leave a comment, it will be read.  Vent if you’d like, we understand.  Tell us how the “system of nursing” has made you sick and exhausted.




Fitness Nurse Heretic & Promoter meets Lisa Sasevich

This is an old entry of a couple of years ago.

But because of the new changes I have made I felt compelled to resurface it.

Why?  Because it was from theis experience, from Lisa’s lips to my ears, the advice that I decided to take and ride:

“Lori, don’t change your act; change your audience.”

So instead of talking to nurses interested in fitness and self-employment; my new audience are broken, under-appreciated nurses who need and want to improve their own bodies/health and “fix” themselves; so they can better serve others in what they KNOW THEY CAN DO… “fix” other people “at-risk” too. (And they can make some income in the process, they are hungrier!)


Yes, I met the great Lisa Sasevich.  Those of you who are saying, “Who is Lisa Sasevich?”  That’s coming.

First, I need your nursing assessment skills.  Can you please tell me what you think this is?  ( I know what it is now, just want you to put on your nursing cap)

These red, itchy bumps started to appear randomly, as soon as landed in Las Vegas...

If you thought, “hives” then you answered correctly my friend.
  • That morning before I left for the airport, I didn’t yet confirm with the ‘dog nanny’ to watch our beloved Pang Pang pug.
  • That morning before I left for the airport, I took an assignment to test some students in North Jersey (crazy traffic near Rutger’s U). I thought it would take a few hours.  The very first student took an hour and 20 minutes to test… oh boy.  Will I make my flight?  Security at Newark is atrocious.  What shoes should I wear?  Can I take a bottle of aspirin, can I take my vitamins on the plane? Should I just check my bag to be safe?  Too many questions rolling through my head!
  • That morning before I left for the airport, I was having trouble communicating with the driver of the car that was taking me to the airport, bad cell phone connection.
  • I wasn’t done packing.
  • I’m on a hormone rollercoaster. (lack of sleep, edgy, heart palpitations)
  • I’ve been to Las Vegas a couple of times before, but this time was different… I was going there to meet one of my mentors in a big way, by myself.
  • I thought of all the other reasons/ways I could spend this money on.
  • But underneath all this chaos going on internally… I knew that I had to do this for YOU… not just me.  I had to get more and more clear and get this infomation and share it with you so you can further your gift of fitness nursing to your tribe (that I’ll show you how to develop).
  • After rushing through the airport, waiting in security lines and finally boarding our late plane, I exhaled as I sat down in my seat and realized that I was alone.  Meaning the one person who I would’ve called at least 7-8 times by now, in my craziness, my mother, was gone… again.  But I had to do this.  Because I want to do this.  I knew that it was going to be o.k., but I still had that ‘knot’ in my tummy that never really left until I got back in Jersey.
  • Back to the hives.  All of this led up to me breaking out in hives.  (luckily none on my face!) I’m still breaking out today as I write this, but much better.  It was my nerves.  I stepped way out of my comfort zone… so much so, I broke out in hives!  But it didn’t kill me and I’d do it again, if the opportunity came up again.  I know that I can handle it.  What I did is what very few people do… ACT!  And it was well worth it – I was so thrilled to meet Lisa Sasevich as you will see below.  I also made some great connections from all the other ‘agents of change’ who were there… ‘doing’ instead of ‘wishing’.  It was an awesome experience, hives and all!:

    Lisa and Lori. She's "The Queen of Sales Conversion and The Invisible Close" and I'm, "The Promoter of Fix It! Fitness Nurses" See a trend here. Call yourself by what you do, so people can tell other people about you easily.

There’s so much to write about Lisa Sasevich.  Please go to to read, listen, watch her in action, you’ll be glad you did.

Visit for more information.

Yours in Fitness & Nursing,

(732) 620-2193

Trusted Authority as a “_________ Fitness Nurse”

Over the past 7-8 months I’ve been listening to Greg Habstritt.  He has a program called, “Become the Trusted Authority in Your Market”.  While listening to him and reading his blog, he kept saying the same things over and over again.  He mentioned people like Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, etc.  Too many to list, who either dropped out of university or weren’t very good in their field when they started.  This is what he said…

“You only need 3 things to be the trusted authority in your market”

  1. Call yourself by what you provide     and
  2. You need to demonstrate a core competency   and
  3. You need to be authentic and committed to serving others and connect with your clients.

I’ve talked to so many nurses who want to start a fitness nursing business and many want to ‘jump in’.  Enthusiasm is great but what is most important is that you realize that you are entering a business and you are attempting to serve a market, a target market.  Saying that… this means that you, are for the most part, serving the public (even if you serve the physician as a client and get referrals that way, they appreciate the clarity, not so much the alphabet soup)  as nurses we have to separate our ‘initials’, credentials, all of that “years of experience” that we hold so dear from what is needed, wanted and understood by the market you want to serve.

When I read nursing publications, some of the initials behind the names are 2 lines long.  This is a marketing disaster if you want to compete in the business world (especially with personal trainers and other fitness professionals).  That segment of professionals learned a long time ago that all they have to do is produce results and viola!… they’re in business.  If someone finds a trainer that they like, gets results and they have questions about nutrition, do you think they (the client) is going to go find a R.D., even with a Ph.D; when they can ask Joe trainer, who they are already with, about their nutritional needs.  They know, like and trust Joe trainer, even though he just has a weekend certification and less than 3 years working as a personal trainer (and he probably looks good too, but not necessarily).  People pay for what they want and what they understand and who they trust.  Initials, no matter how savvy and credible, don’t entitle you to the sale within a market. (Maybe within a stuffy nursing education function) Remember, if you don’t have any sales, you don’t have a business.

Naploeon Hill said it best, “General knowledge, no matter how great in quantity or variety, it may be of little use in the accumulation of money”.  All successful people have/ had at least 2 things needed (above) to become a trusted authority in their market, not necessarily degrees and years of experience in a particular field.


It’s not to say that college and training is not necessary, it can be part of your core competence.  But when I talk to nurses who have so much education and years of experience and then tell them that they should call their self a “Diabetic Fitness Nurse”, instead of “Jane Smith, RN, CPT, CCRN, Zumba Instructor”, their immediate response is, “But I want people to know my credentials”.  Ready here it is… I had to learn the hard way too…


People don’t care about your credentials.


In business and the marketplace, they care about results and solving their problem that’s keeping them up at night.  Caring about your credentials is all about you, not your client.  If you want to compete in the market place in a very competitive area (health & fitness), you have to learn to communicate what you do easily and what transformation will result after working with you in all of your marketing (talking to people and in print)

Now before you get upset and write me back with an air of ‘how dare you’, in future e-mails… I do believe and understand that the correspondence within the nursing world of credentialing, it’s fine to put your earned degrees and titles behind your name.  But to somebody’s ‘Aunt Mary’ who’s prediabetic, wanting to exercise but needs to be assessed, she just wants to know that you care, you’re competent and you’re going to solve her problem.  She will pay you for that.  Period.

Have a quiet, yet strong inner confidence that you know your shit.  Remember you’re marketing to the public; not other nurses in academia.  Don’t use your credentials as a reason to NOT move forward and get training on starting/building your business that’s not taught in a lecture hall.

Yours in Fitness & Nursing,

(732) 620-2193

Sample exercise video, Body by Science

Hi all,
Sample Exercise Video

I just completed my 12-week fitness nursing program called “WeightlossPRN”.  This program follows the Certified Fitness Nurse™Coaching course model.  (This program is offered at No Cost at that link.)  The one thing that I didn’t do was have most of the participants come from physicians.  Most were previous clients, 4 were from physicians.  In the next session, beginning in January, I will have more clients directly from physicians.  I wanted to share with you an example of the videos that I sent my clients.  I film them in my basement with a Flip camera, usually, and I keep them short.  I also work out with my pug, PangPang, and all my clients look forward to seeing him in the videos:

This video I used early in my program where I had my clients do only 60-90 second exercises during a fasted-state in the morning.  This is delivered via the internet to a group of ‘ideal clients’ who qualify to do this with my coaching and on their own.


Body by Science

There are only 4 things that I teach to my ideal clients:

  1. Intermittent Eating (IE)
  2. Calorie Restriction (CR)
  3. Resistance Training (RT)
  4. Occasional Bingeing (OB)

These 4 principles all have to delivered under the 3 Rights of the Certified Fitness NurseCoach.  As I wrote this program, one of the books I came across, amazed me… I new in the first 3 pages, that I had to finish it in one day.  They were talking the same principles as I was and to my pleasant surprise one of the authors was a M.D.  I have read Dr. McGuff”s writings before, very technical, but this time I just like the way the writing flowed.
The book is called:  “Body by Science”

It just can't be argued anymore. To help people heal, reduce their waists and turn around pre-diabetes, and inflammation, you only need to exercise for ~15 minutes once, maybe twice a week overloading your muscles through strength training.

Well, I guess it can be argued, but I’m not interested in arguing.  I also know you can find any research to support your position. What you have to decide is does it make sense to you.  I love to see any M.D. write and preach anything that is somewhat unconventional and just simply makes sense (to me and hopefully you).  The medical establishment is usually the last to accept new ideas, even when they make common sense.  Probably because they have the most to lose.
I know it’s hard to swallow after being taught that you MUST exercise 5-6 days a week doing hours of ‘cardio’ and then 2-3 days of multiple sets of weight lifting.  Hey, I wasn’t immune to teaching this to clients over the years.
People exercise way too much.  People eat way too much.  It’s all too much.  My soap box:  I really HATE IT when people waste their time in the gym or anywhere else from endless, repetitive ‘steady-state’ movement.  (In my program I don’t consider walking exercise, it’s physical activity that can be done daily.  In my world, exercise is focused and it ain’t fun, it has purpose and then it’s done with.)  Because these people ‘show up’, which is the hardest part, but then they don’t get the results they expected or they get hurt, so they drop out or even worse for you, can’t justify paying you again for more sessions or classes.
You simply cannot run, jog, take butt-blasting body pump classes for hours, 5-6 times a week and expect to NOT cause harm to your body. Your body is breaking down.  What happens when that calorie burn disappears and you’re too hurt or burned out to continue?  I’m the first to say to someone that athletes are not the healthiest people.  They perform.  Then they live like the rest of us, in pain, in their 40′s, 50′s and beyond. (some sooner)
If you are on that ‘overuse bandwagon’ and refuse to budge, well then the Certified Fitness Nurse Coaching course is probably not for you.  Actually it’s designed with the client in mind to simplify the process and to end the exercise mind clutter and to empower the client to do this on their own.  I know you may think a lot of people would be out of work if they (potential clients) only exercised  for 15 minutes twice a week.  But there are so many people who believe the “2 aspirin are good, 6 are better” philosophy in everything they do.  So there still will be plenty of money to be made in that world of excess, anxiety and in my opinion, borderline insanity.  Isn’t there a program sold on t.v. called “Insanity”?
But again, I am concerned with the pre-diabetic client and will continue to focus most of my energy with other nurses enthusiastic about fitness, who get this position of minimum effective dosing, sustainability and empowerment.  (Which is NOT a popular position in a fitness setting, of course.  Not only is “more is better” taught there, the people who go there, expect it.)
Well, off my soapbox.  Do you have one?  If not, you should.


Doctor asks WIIFM?

David, used to work on Wall Street and the companies he researched in the market were health and wellness companies.  After he made his money, he decided to help his father, a physician and his father’s colleagues, to make recurring, passive income while promoting health and wellness with their patients.  So what’s the leverage?  Once David saw my presentation and researched my company and my mission, he could put me in front of hundreds of preventative-minded physicians, GLOBALLY.

I was quite nervous with my presentation, but David liked it.  Whew! He gave me some constructive criticism but what he said next floored me…

“How does the physician make money?”, David asked.
“Huh?” I uttered.
He said, “Lori there will be some physicians who will like your presentation and help you because they want their patients to improve their health through your methods.  But more physicians would be open to helping you and other FNC’s knowing that there is a monetary benefit for them because they are tuned into that radio station, WIIFM, just like anybody else.”


WIIFM means, “What’s In It For Me”.


I actually did think that I was a little “light” on the benefit to physician part.  But it’s that “nurse-mindset” that kept creeping into my mind.  You know that mind-set that nurses, teachers, social workers, homemakers, etc. have.  That people should do things out of the “goodness of their hearts” and that making money, lots of money means that your heart is not in the right place.

I realized that I was still holding on to that ‘limited belief’, even though I thought I accepted that making money is necessary to carry on my mission.  Nothing like a successful Wall Street investment broker to set you straight about human behavior and money.


So on Wednesday, I have to give him my presentation again with the changes he suggested.  David has coached me over these past 3 weeks.  When I asked him “Why? Why are you helping me?”, he answered, “I like building things.  I can see your vision and potential.  I just spoke to 3 physicians today and when I asked them what do they say when patients ask for alternatives to medication, they said, ‘Oh, I send them to Weight Watchers or I tell them to ‘cut back’ on food or I give them a 1200 calorie diet and tell them to walk.’  Your Fitness Nurse Consulting™ program is just what they need.  If you show them the benefit (financial) vs. risk (lower risk working with a nurse) ratio, lower liability, they are on board.”

Of course not every physician is going to buy into the FNC program.  But I am excited to let you know that I am trying very hard to establish Fitness Nurse Consulting™ among preventative-minded physicians and other healthcare professionals and also provide a distinction between the FNC and the fitness professional.  I want to make that difference so distinct that when a physician wants to offer an exercise and diet alternative to their pre-diabetic, hypertensive patients, they automatically think Fitness Nurse Consultant™ and the benefits of working with one.

So you may be thinking ‘WIIFM’, for yourself…

  • You can work from home, part-time
  • You can make full time money working part-time
  • You can reach more people, globally in a group setting through the computer, easy video and phone
  • You get that autonomy that you so desperately need and deserve
  • You can be part of a unique tribe who really cares about empowering people and sustainable waist management,  improved bone health and independence, through the fitness nursing assessment
  • People like the “new and shiny” object.  You will be that “object”
  • You will discover that you don’t have to “get” people, your own personal tribe, once defined, will come to you and will look forward to working with you!